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A new musical comedy based adapted from P.G Wodehouse's novel, "A Damsel in Distress". 

Book and Lyrics by Alexandra Petri (Washington Post Columnist)

Music and Additional Lyrics by Jack Mitchell

THE WRONG AMERICAN! transports us to England in the early 1900's where love and misunderstandings abound.  MADDIE is in love with a mysterious man, who her wealthy and over-protective family has deemed unsuitable.  On a secret trip to London to try and rendezvous with this man, she instead meets GEORGE, a successful but lonely American living in London. GEORGE instantly falls in love with MADDIE and sets off to try and see her again.  When GEORGE arrives in MADDIE's countryside town and is mistaken for the forbidden man of MADDIE's affections, it sets forth a series of wild mix ups and mayhem that quickly spin out of control.  Conniving butlers, eccentric Earls and over helpful curates add to the fun.  Will love conquer all? (hint: probably).

Click HERE to visit the show's official website. 

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